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Transform Your Health: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Near Silver Spring, MD


Depressed mood?

Difficulties with concentration and memory?

Decrease in muscle strength and mass?

Decreased endurance

Low sex drive?

Lack of motivation?

These could be symptoms of low testosterone. As we age, testosterone levels gradually decrease, leaving us stuck in the past, constantly reminiscing about the “good old days”. In addition, certain medications such as opiates can decrease testosterone including chronic illnesses-Diabetes and Thyroid disorders. The good news?  Testosterone therapy has been shown to restore youth and vitality. This is no different from hormone replacement therapy in women including birth control.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement

Improved erectile function.

Increased cardiac stamina thereby effective workouts; break past athletic plateaus.

Increased lean muscle.

Increased confidence and motivation.

Increased libido and sexual stamina.

Improved mental focus.

Topical gels and solutions, transdermal patches and injections are some of the therapy options available at THM Clinic.